Glass Rainbows - stained glass doors frame with koa woodDELIVERY

Delivery of your finished panels on the island of Oahu is free. We actually prefer to deliver, rather than having customers or their contractor pick up panels from the studio. This insures that the panels arrive undamaged. Stained glass is very resilient once installed, but very prone to damage when handled by someone inexperienced. This small service insures happy customers on delivery day.

Delivery off the island of Oahu requires shipping, and we recommend air freight (insured, of course) to eliminate as much handling and sitting on docks and in warehouses as possible. Whatever shipping is finally decided upon, a strong custom- fitted crate will be required along with custom-fitted packing foam. This method has proven to be extremely reliable and, though somewhat pricey, we feel it is the only way to go. While size and weight will affect both the crating and shipping cost, budgeting $300 will put you in the ballpark for most of the panels we make.

We will include handling instructions, placing them just inside the crate, on top of the packing. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read them BEFORE unpacking the panel. I know, you will be so-o-o anxious to see it, but do not hurry past this step. Not knowing how to properly lift and carry a panel is the main reason for breakage when handled by untrained persons.