Glass Rainbows - stained glass project in progressABOUT US

Glass Rainbows Art Glass Studio is a working studio located on the windward side of Oahu (Hawaii) overlooking beautiful and always inspiring Kaneohe Bay. You are welcome to visit the studio by appointment. We specialize in custom designed stained and leaded glass panels for windows, doors, ceilings (or skylights), cabinets …. or any other place you may want to put beautiful glass. While we design in any style (Contemporary, Victorian, Frank Lloyd Wright, Art Deco or to match a particular decor) many of our customers prefer our designs that are inspired at least in part by our beautiful Hawaiian environment. You will see this as a common thread in many of our panels.

We are a small enough studio that each commissioned order gets the personal attention of owner/artist Annalee Jones from beginning to end. If you live on the island of Oahu, Annalee will meet with you in person in your home or office. You will also be invited to visit the studio to participate in glass selection and to see progress as our master craftsmen work on your project. If you reside further away, discussions by phone or email work well and glass samples can be mailed for selection.

Since Glass Rainbows start in 1995, our goal has always been to create beautiful art glass panels with excellent structural integrity and craftsmanship. Properly designed and constructed stained glass will last decades with no warping or sagging. Unfortunately, in recent years many who make and sell stained glass do so after taking only a few classes and before gaining a full understanding of the constraints and limitations of the materials and the mitigating methods to overcome these problems. As a result, stained glass has gained a reputation for developing structural problems after just a few years. This does NOT happen when proper construction and reinforcing methods are employed. Consider for a moment, that some stained glass from as early as the 1200s has survived to this day, and stained glass windows surviving from the 1800s are not unusual. While these ancient windows may need some maintenance every 50 to 100 years or so, obviously their original construction was well planned and executed. A good glass artist designs the visual design, and the construction and the mounting methods at the same time, just as an architect does when designing a building. The architect has the benefit of review by a structural engineer, a good glass artist has to be the structural engineer too. This takes years to learn and an attitude dedicated to perfecting one’s craft. At Glass Rainbows great craftsmanship and structural integrity are just as important as great designs. We strive to include all three in each and every one of our panels.

Glass Rainbows is a member of the Building Industry Association of Hawaii and has been a part of their Home Building and Remodeling Show for the since 1997.